Terms  &  Conditions

The following terms apply to all rental agreements between M8 Studios and the Hirer/s of M8 Studios. They cannot be reworded without the prior written consent of M8 Studios. The terms and conditions herewith shall be governed by English Law. By signing this rental agreement, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions under the contractual law of the English Courts.


Client: The individual, group of individuals or entity which have entered into this hire agreement with M8 Studios.

Hirer or Hirers: The Client and any associated persons present on the day/s of hire.

Studio Hire: The rental and use of M8 Studios premises for a contractually specified time and date for the business of photography, filming or related activities, or private event related hire.

Contract: The studio hire booking form which incorporates these conditions.

Equipment: All fixtures, lighting and other equipment supplied by M8 Studios.

Studio Premises: The studio available for hire from M8 Studios.


A booking is considered complete once the studio fee has been paid in full. The client must include set-up and take-down time within the hours booked or pay applicable over-time charges.


Full payment must be made via payment links that will be sent after booking requests. In the event of any cancellation by the client , payments are non-refundable. For rescheduling we require at least 14 days’ notice prior to the day of hire or specified shoot date or else this option will not be available. In the event of any successful rescheduling, only one reschedule will be granted whereby a new reschedule date must be confirmed, after this there will be no option to reschedule the same booking again. Should we, M8 Studios, have to cancel your booking for reasons on our part, we will look to reschedule at the nearest possible opportunity, or we will fully refund your booking fee.


Capacity refers to all members of your team (including Photographer, Assistant, Hair & Makeup, Models, Runners etc). For health and safety reasons our max capacity for Studio One is 10 people and 5 for Studio Two. Any additional people will be asked to leave the premises immediately or your booking will be terminated with immediate effect with no refunding or rescheduling.


The client shall only use the studio premises for the stated purpose and only for the hire period agreed on the booking form. M8 Studios reserves the right to refuse to accept any booking. M8 Studios reserves the right to halt any activity it considers to be other than that for which the premises are intended.

The studio premises and equipment hired by the client are only available for the use of that client. The client is not  permitted to sub-contract, sub-let or otherwise allow any third party to use or occupy the studio or use the equipment or consumables without the prior written permission of M8 Studios by our Studio Manager.

M8 Studios shall insure the studio premises against all normal insurable risks but not further or otherwise. The client shall be responsible for insuring their own equipment and personal property and that belonging to their servants and agents whilst it is on the studio premises.

During the hire period, the client and their servants/agents shall abide by the following rules:

1. The client must ensure that their own public liability insurance is operative for all persons in the studio during the hours of use, to cover any accident, injury or death.

2. No smoking is allowed on any part of the studio premises.

3. Noise shall be kept to a reasonable level and the client and their agents and servants shall respond to any request to reduce the noise level if necessary.

4. The client and their servants/agents shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the studio premises and equipment are not damaged, removed or altered in any way. (Or incur full repair/replacement costs). Damages to the studio premises may include standing on the curve of the infinity cove resulting in cracks or breakage, damage to windows, furniture, curtains, mirrors etc.

5. The client is responsible for ensuring that the security and fire alarm systems are not tampered with or activated except in instances believed to be a genuine emergency.

6. The client shall abide by all relevant statutory health and safety procedures.

7. Any materials used in connection with sets constructed by the client shall be removed immediately from the studio premises by the end of the hire period.

8. The studio premises shall be immediately surrendered to M8 Studios at the end of the hire period in  the same condition as they were at the beginning of the hire period.

9. The client shall be responsible for removing all rubbish and belongings from the studio premises by the end of the hire period. (Or incur disposal costs).

10. The client and any of its servants/agents shall not become intoxicated or behave in such a manner which would result in them being unable to safely occupy the studio premises or operate any equipment.

11. The client must ensure that all persons under the age of 18 have parent’s or guardian’s permission to be  at the studio, for the purpose of the photography or filming taking place during the period of the studio hire.

12. The client shall ensure that neither they nor their servants/agents shall perform any illegal acts or create anything which is illegal or which infringes any applicable laws or third-party rights whilst on the studio  premises.


The client hiring the studio is responsible for all breakages, losses or damages caused to the studio or equipment by him/her, or any other person during the use of the studio. All equipment and services are supplied by M8 Studios entirely at the risk of the client. M8 Studios shall not be liable for any loss or damage to materials or props or equipment, including consequential loss and loss of profit however caused, arising out of the use or the inability to use the equipment supplied or agreed to be supplied. No alterations, decorations or additions to the studio are permitted without the written consent of M8 Studios by the Studio Manager. The client shall pay any costs incurred by M8 Studios arising out of any breach of these conditions (most typically being full repair/replacement costs). The client must notify M8 Studios at the time of supply if the condition of the equipment or studio space is not acceptable.


Any on-the-day overtime must be approved by our Studio Manager. To arrange over-time, please ask the Studio Manager before your pre-booked hire hours have come to an end so that they can confirm the overtime. Please note that  overtime may not always be possible as there may be a client already booked for the slot directly after your original hire hours.


M8 Studios can only accept deliveries and collections of the Hirer’s property such as props, equipment, products etc, during the booked hire hours. Any items left on the premises after this will incur a storage charge additional to the daily rental charges. The Hirer must ensure that all such items are insured. No Hirer related items held or stored on M8 Studios premises will be covered by any insurance held by M8 Studios. M8 Studios  reserves the right to dispose of any item left on the premises after 7 days from the end of the hire period and charge for this disposal if necessary.


M8 Studios may terminate any hire contract if the client shall be in breach of any of the terms and conditions.  By entering M8 Studios it will be assumed that all terms and conditions have been read and understood as provided in this agreement between me and M8 Studios and I agree to all the terms contained in this document. These terms and conditions shall be read and construed in accordance with English Law.

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